Monday, January 17, 2011

Hair on the chest of piezou

The last enjoyment during a day ‥

It : on the bed so.
The face is buried under light hair on the chest embracing male dog [piezou] closely.

However apparently, it is ..[piezouhasore].. unpleasant.
When I approached on the bed before it slept, the face [shite] forefoot stretched and "! of wanting coming" was disliked.

..[sorega] vesper.. oh.
It will embrace closely and approaching [tara] in [piezou].
It jumps very much and running away [tanoyo] ! of [pyo] [nto].

It is [naino] ! face [depu] [pu]'s having begun to sleep that slips into sideward [ccho] of the futon that [demotte] and [pie;] [ruga] enter, puts out only the nose, and is calm.

[Shobo] [n] ‥

Because if it does and [,pi] [ezou] is embraced closely, it becomes sleepy soon.

Healing is not feeling in the surgical knife dog Pieta so often.
Even if you cling from the back because [peropero] is licked soon
It doesn't settle down because the face comes, [nto] is turned, the face is licked, and it rolls it up ‥.

[Uu;]?I'm sorry however [yopiezou] , however.. ..‥...

I think the effect of healing after all to be ..[aa;souieba].. ..television.. seeing the other day and cooking of the therapy dog by the dash of ..dripping.. cannonball arm.
Well though there might be a person who hates [inu], too.

To [ntoshiteruno] that always comes [piezou] , depending too much between legs in daytime ‥

Do you approach with [haso] [-] a good tonight ‥ each other It is , sweets and [tsuruka].

The hair on the chest of [piezou] is ↓ ..this it...

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