Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It grows up.

The cutlet was going to be put and the cutlet was said to eating yesterday.

It had eaten the tapir tapir in Sizzler the other day ‥.

Moreover, [suggoku] [ama] potato comes to want to eat recently it is what ‥, too.

[Dawayo] ! of [uu;] rapidly
[Aa;]?Corbicula and corbicula. doing

However, I will want the sweet one so much why ‥.

"Natural desire from which the brain requested the sense of well-being" or "Sugar urges the secretion of dopamine and the serotonin that it was shape that looked alike to the action of alcohol and cocaine, and was the neurotransmitter in the brain" or "Obviously that there was a dependency of no drug in sugar" was written when anxious and glimpsing it on the net.

[Aa;]?Is it [-] ..along..?
Sake is not drunk, and the sweet one is ..hope.. [surunoka] ! for the sense of well-being. ?

Man's body : ..terrible...

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