Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Piezou ‥

It is [danoyo] of ..[-].. affray ..male dog [piezou].. ..boiling.. ! in [ku] rate in the middle of the night about 2:30 in the evening.

Had you quietly thought that might sleep [jojo] [ttoyattetakara] and today before it slept?

[Uu;] embarrassment [tatanaa;]?Spottily spottily ‥ [Aa;]?Sleeping time [gaa;] ‥ [Uu;].

It went to the office after a long time yesterday so often.
It drinks on one's return with [chiku] in the bar.
Now ..the desire.. though the story of the bicycle and running was told. not the one that it is possible to become it but the Japanese syllabary ‥ and something crazy about me

..shallowness.. ? in case of me..turning over.. [hiro]. It wants to do ..turning over.. ..,.. breaking out and it doesn't last long because it becomes it.
[N]?The one or [naa;] that wants to make handicraft recently.

Running also : the other day.
It has satisfied when becoming [choro] [tto] wind by the dog-walking ‥.

Spottily spottily ‥

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