Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dog OK spot [chakuchaku] ?[Fuffuu;]?♪


Player Kawashima's of GK teacher so often
The said word of "2nd place is a representative of the defeat" was impressive.

Was it early on [desa] and Sunday, does it get up, and 9:30 if occurring to our regret though it was a schedule of breakfast outside as dogs ‥ That?Is it ten o'clock?
It has become the time of the lunch ..[de].. after all. [tto].. this time,
Did you eat by hamburger and [kua] Ina in the Yokohama red brick warehouse?
If it was the glass booth, the dog was terrible because it was dog OK ‥ It was taking of the dog almost.

Was it S size, were there about 35 cans, and was there 500 M ml can or more though it asked for [de] and the beer?
[Iyaa;]?American after a long time, size?[Ikka] from [maa;chicchai].

Let's go to buy [sateto] , boiled fish paste. ・・

Hamburger and "[Kua] Ina" that encounters and did , are ↓ it...

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