Monday, November 29, 2010

You may return ‥ [Ho] -.

It went swimming after a long time yesterday.

[Horasa] [-] doesn't swim for a long time.
Painful that becomes scary on the way the time before last why crawl and was not able to swim by 25m‥

[Demo]. It was [tanoda] of can the swim ! yesterday. [Kirari]?[N♪] [iyaa;]?It was glad ‥ Is it [uu;], and not finally scary and [nattayoo;]?
However, it was likely to have become suddenly scary at that time why ‥ Spottily spottily.

It became empty [desa] and yesterday and this world of [ba] [sha] swam alone by one [te] lane.
There is a person who has swum [demogashigashi].
When the face is seen, it is surprised by an aunt how in her seventies.

It swam saying of the aunt "Did not worry, go to me, giving to me, and [hora]" because it had massaged it when I took a rest edge [kkode] of the lane.

It is [de], and swims, takes a rest again, and is a cod.
「[Araa;]?‥ When the woman is taking a rest, it is [hora] ..getting cold the body... 」Now, and it ..[tte].. was said and it swam soon.

Because ..aunt.. [gashigashi] was massaged ..the swim..
Moreover, I swam in [mogashigashi] thinking it was said by the aunt.

[Hapu] [pu] has slept in the evening.

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