Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cutlet bowl after a long time

The television with [pochi] when applying it in the middle of the night in the evening
Black tree [meisa] went out and it filled with [tesaa;] and the cutlet bowl one's mouth.

It is cutlet bowl [dawayo] in daytime [de] and today. The person just fully : to the Oto person thinking of [tte] at time of daytime when the cutlet bowl was said to purchase ‥ Nature and the body began to walk to the next shop for the cutlet bowl though it was going to give up lonesomely.

It has gone to Kazuyuki though it walks ..[de].. for a moment.
[Iyaa;]?Were you though did ..pork cutlet Kazuyuki..?The cutlet bowl is [fu] ..
Is Kazuyuki 540 yen though [desa] and the Oto person were 700 yen?
[Shikamo] !It is corbicula soup addition and [tawayo].

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