Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Does the motivation happen if it does very?

[Aa;]?It is [ranainoyo] ! of the motivation of anything ..‥ uselessness, and ・・ ..useless.... ..happening...

It has slept dreamily in the sofa after all, and ..encounter.. ? when ..going.. coming back from [kanakya] and [omo] [tterukedo] dog-walking to the gym though the complete set was taken thinking that [kazurin] of the calendar is drawn in the clinic yesterday. It will trow well and selfishly tomorrow, and ..encounter.. ? though the putting things in order of the room attaches to [suggoku] ..done thing.. [me], too. It will think of [ikkatte] later ‥.

Embarrassed [aa;]?Embarrassment [tayoo;].

‥ Is it [namakemono]?

Gear [ga] and [] ..not entering... the gear

Commander ‥

[Ta] ,
Cooking ・・ [cho] ‥ [U;] ‥

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