Wednesday, December 15, 2010

365 days

[Uu;]?..slowness.. [iwayo]. move continuously since yesterday by muscular pain
..surgical knife dog Pieta.. at all ....largeness.. rage today.. at the same time.

While chewing something while it is strolling a little while ago
What all things it feels because of seeing here by damage [ruwayotte] face and walking?Though the chewing gum is picked up, it eats when thinking, and it does and [-] was taken soon.

[Aa;souieba] ‥
[Te] teacher was often angry because I also bite the chewing gum at the high school or [hahahahaha].
It seems to be good for the brain to encounter and to recall , bosom [kashiikoto].

If it will send to the publisher of "[Kazurin] calendar 2011" by the way, last year's publisher list is seen, it searches for the company of the mailing address, the cod and the magazine are lost, it is worth, the company moves, it is worth, and ..[kato].. trows, [ho-rudei;ngusu] becomes it ..what.. ..dripping.., and ‥ and it changes variously though it is only 1 year.

[Muu;]?It is serious to continue the company.

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