Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is the person with a good lot fate usually lucky?

[Iyaa;]?It is ..lot fate.. [sugokattanoyo] ! on Saturday.

When it ate daytime in the commercial establishment in Akihabara, two lot tickets were gotten.
I was not bad the lot fate and having hit up to now even once and it thought of tissue [dana] [-] of the prize for participation.

Then, 500 yen ticket is hit and [tanoyo] !.
Is it [ri] [n] that comes [de] and the second times and very [o;] when turning?!Moreover, ticket [dawayo] for 500 yen.
[Yattaa;]?1000 yen.

It is still [de].
It returned holding two boxes of the paved bath oil of the hot spring when it went to the [hapie;] [ruga] DoCoMo shop of the day and the lot was drawn after all.

There was such a thing, too and the betting-ticket of the Arima commemoration was bought building on the momentum on Sunday.
My favorite figure go-go. "55" [dawayo]. drinking

However, the lot fate was paved when exhausting it on Saturday or was not printed.

It was recalled that there was a lot ticket of [desa] and another one until yesterday and went to the lot hall.
There must still be a lot fate ‥.
The list of the premium pasted to the board is seen thinking so, and this is Kanatani hotel driving ! of the unpleasantness and sunlight. shall not be good the inn in the luxury hotel and Izu in Tokyo, too?
[Iza] and [kururi] [n] ‥ ....dream.. swelling..

[Shobo] [n] ‥

Tissue of participation of [aa;] so prize.

..reeling.. , ‥


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