Saturday, December 18, 2010

The thing is often dropped.

It is a worldly desires school gang leader on Friday.
It immediately went to Yokohama to see shoes.

It meets [de], the [kawaee;] bag, and shoes ‥ It has quietly put it on the shelf hesitating hesitating hesitating hesitatingly.

It becomes impossible [Uu;] ‥ to shop for 4000 yen or more.
[Shobo] [n] ‥

The thing was dropped as many as three times in the evening so often.
Dog's water dropped the entered tableware and the kitchen mat was washed with ..floor.. ..soddenness.. , in the evening.

Try it to occur [dene] and this morning and rice to be produced.
Only the case where the rice grain enters is dropped and the rice grain in the same floor ‥.

..[de].. afterwards, it tries to make coffee.
After it puts it in the glass with the bottle of instant coffee, it is [bassha] [nttesa] in the floor ‥ Lonesome [dayo].

The kitchen mat of just washing is coffee & rice grain [mamiresa].
Therefore, it is a breathing in rolling up with the cleaner in the morning.

It might be what ‥ Do by chance?
Or, is it sick of something?

[Shobo] [n] ‥

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