Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The lot fate remained a little. [Fufufufufu]

Falling ・・ [fufufufufufufufufu] .

[Iyaa;]?Dependence ! from [ni] of , delivery service by motorcycles ..doing in the year end party in yesterday's company.. ..putting.. ..the match with [garapon] which it looks for by the application program of iPhone...

When a golden gem goes out, it is a hit and one piece [moraeruttekotode].
Do I hit by two pieces by three [pie;] [ruga] and now though done by six people?
Loudly [n] is said by everyone.
One piece made it turn and ended the game in everyone safely after all.
The ice cream of Haagen Dazs making everyone so hot

However ‥,
Is Sen my said?
[Putsuputsushita] feeling where that hair grows ‥ white translucent [koro] and [shitayatsu] ‥ [Uu;]?After all, the hormone was useless.

It is pleased ..all [maa;demo]...
[Fuu;]?[Fuu;]?It was good because it ate while saying and good.

Safely it worked and it was possible to pay it this year. ‥ [Fuu;]?

The unrefined sugar ice was also delicious. the lever of ..encounter.. , piercingly or [yukke]
The shop to which it went yesterday is ↓ that is here though have written before.

Cow's [zouhiroo] shop

●piezou+pietà Roomette of love
●File Exchange and Backup Service KD-Server

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