Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What movement do you suit yourself?

The DVD rental is 100 yen in [saa;] and TSUTAYA the other day and [tanoyo] !.
It has borrowed ..[de].. five pieces.

[Iyaa;]?There must be to dark feelings a lot and do not want to see and. Borrowing [chaundayona] inadvertently.
It ..[desa].. has borrowed.

Being possible to come ..encounter.. , ↓ .."PARIS-Paris" of mini theater system it..

[N]?A still good person Japanese syllabary in the French movie that has been seen up to now.

It is "[Kapoei;ra] exercise. " though it is DVD of the exercise.
It is up to difficult [shobo] [n] of [uu;] that doesn't understand though is the easiest movement it though did a little while ago for a moment.

, saying that "Leg thin ballet exercise"
"[Yu-ko] [sumida] [jakuson;awe-kuninguekusasaizu]" Though it is and doesn't do , still ‥

About no [maa;maa;ii] it, it is 100 yen.

[Uu;]?Aim. Prima donna's lower half of the body.

[Hahaha] is [hahaha] -.

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