Sunday, December 5, 2010

Milk after all

[Iyaa;sa]?The bean juice has been bought for the bean juice for a moment thinking the change the story of the milk written the other day.

It put in [de] and immediate coffee and it drank.
[Uu;] ‥?
Only coffee is lacked and the taste of ..erasing.. [sarete] bean juice.
It is [shobo] [n] not thought to be delicious though other hows to drink were tried ‥.

It is purchase [chattakarana] [-] as for the packing of one liter.
Do you use it for any dishes?It puts it in [mamechichinabe] or the miso soup.

..encounter.. , was [pie;] [runi] the other day.
"..becoming it.. [-] that will not be thought that a remaining bean juice is used to cook surely" is ..saying.. [warechattashinaa;].

[N]?Do you drink only with the bean juice ‥.
Even if you say it is very good for the body
Is it continuously [fuu;] if it is not thought it is delicious?

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