Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It was not possible to run yesterday.

Yesterday though it runs and [rutte] was written by the dog run to one's heart's content ‥ Now, and it suddenly feels sick from that in the evening and it is : to stand up and to walk finally in feeling ‥.

It is tired out with sit on the floor and a cod.
"Hinder leg [pero] [n]" ‥ of the appearance with which it was always pleased [Chorochoro], [ttekite], and I ..male dog [piezou].. did many times.
Though it showed with pleasure with tired out.

‥ Did you ..[maa;piezounari].. worry?
[Fu] , [kawaee;]?[Yatsuyonoo;]?

It came back without raging by the dog run though it was possible to go strolling of dogs after it did ..[de].. a little somehow.

[Naa;] probably because of the medicine that began to be taken the day before yesterday what ‥ each other Even , : if it doesn't think so because it feels sick when drinking in the conviction so.

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