Thursday, September 2, 2010

It looks for impression once a day.

It ran by the dog run to one's heart's content yesterday.
Because it put on sandals, [betabetabeta] is held while making the sound.
..being possible to go.. [fu] . ..[iyaa;].. still

Recent so often ‥
It is thought that a day is not importantly spent, and the corbicula and the corbicula

After all, the page of "Today does" that drove me in was not able to be cleaned for two days book [itano] ..a variety of doing...

Might not make be some targets by you.
As for the [katoitte] work ‥
When it is not a regular life because it becomes a work mode at a dash and it gives priority to work more than meal, it becomes it.

Work is is likely to only have it to be being possible to do.. [kedosa] .. happy any favorite thing
It is difficult ‥.

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