Sunday, August 1, 2010

It is an indoor sect in reality.

Thank you energetic [fu] -

Do with hesitancy?It is filling [tawayo] on the weekend as for the desire to save in the "futsufutsu".
‥ It trows selfishly ..the movement of the body.. as this is opposite and → machine.. [shigashi] → spin in Nautilus room though the body actually was terrible and felt heavy.

Are [desa] and the body moved and did it become light ‥?
It is rolling up of doing at a dash on Saturday as for wanting do.

It waits first with dogs in the terrace seat and branch →.
Is does it wait with depicting [jo**] that exists in the same → building of four bowling games (The dog race internally for Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of overthrow F) in [hamabo-ru] of Yokohama and shopping ♪ [fuffuu;] in lunch → Camper?→ It moves to Kawasaki and it plays golf with BAGUS billiards → darts → simulation.

It is 6000 yen for one hour though it thought of the person commotion in karaoke at [de] and the end. ‥ It is put to [pie;] [ruga] soft-boiled jack and [-ru] ..shutting of the act of play...

[De] and the night have the dream of bowling with Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F and awake about six times of having a nightmare in the middle of the night, and it is after it takes it, bowling, and [fu] ..three games it.. . the veterinary hospital of dogs at Sunday morning.

Unpleasantness?Thought, and if no do little at a time of the desire after all.
Your should would being better even to move it and your body.

[Umuu;]?It was possible to write unexpectedly easily though it was thought that it became a long sentence more ‥.

Is [sateto] [ima] night fireworks of Kanagawa Shimbun?
..fuss [dana] [-].. surely [piezoutachi] and ..boiling.. [-]

●piezou+pietà Roomette of love
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