Monday, August 2, 2010

It suddenly cleaned it.

[Oo;]?It is Monday.
It was forgotten to renew [te] cleaning it today.

Because it plays on the weekend and it rolled it up
It is pleasant, and it stiffly cleans and rolling up with [merihari] today.

[Uu;]?‥ Luggage was not able to be put out and to put out the cleaner fully, and when the door of the storage shelf was opened even if the cleaner was put out because it was thought that dust in the ventilating opening of the air cleaner of the bedroom was breathed in with the cleaner, the storage shelf after all was cleaned and it ..‥.. put it away.
Moreover, it did to storage under the bed.

[Iyaa;]?Is the cleaning in summer sweaty [makuridesuno] in the intermammary sulcus (Among)?Was it a good sweat or it existed.

Is there muscular pain cleaning it after all until the night, too and does making dinner become troublesome?
It boiled and it ate only the noodle of the summer chinese noodles.

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