Monday, August 2, 2010

Today ended on the first ‥, too.

[Au;]?Recent somehow ‥
Though it is life of 0 or 100 selfish feeling ‥ [Maa;ikka].

Incidently, [muka] ?It endured and the party of [kai] Co. came and the [arutte] mail came on Thursday of the fifth.
The person who lives in the United States for a long time seems to be returning to the book today.
[Nanode] "Meeting that hears the latest circumstances of the United States".

[Iyaa;]?‥ It will be ..desire.. [unoyo] ! tomorrow when going to the lymphatic massage of the face.
What are you said if going in this round face ‥?

Well. 、Do one time though it understands from not becoming it very?

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