Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It approached the bank book character of [kazurin] and the bank or is []. ?

[Fu] , [fufufu] -
It is [kazurin] uniform debut. [Kirarii;]?[N].

It went to two golf specialty store "Spinning garage" of Machida had always indebted because own car [goru]'s air conditioner had not worked with hesitancy the other day.

[De] and [supi] seem to be sponsors of Machida's soccer team "[Zerubia]".
Is it said that it will want you to design the sponsor advertisement put on the uniform puts on at [dene] and events?[Fuffuu;]?Moreover, is ♪ said that the longhand of the [kazurin] taste is good?[Fuffuu;]?Graffiti of) and [ikazurindawayo] and [hahaha] like (..♪ golf 2.. ..weeny...

However, ‥ this graffiti ‥ Is it [koredei] really [-]?It ..[tte].. heard it.
[Iyaa;]?It is OK and [mashita] !. [Pafu] !

A certain meaning stands out certainly ‥ the person of the advertisement and [zerubia].
It is said.

[Iyaa;] ‥ Thank you for [supi].
[Tadesuu;] ..happy... design

- Only two golf specialty store "Spinning garage" is here ↓ http://www.spinninggarage.com/in Japan.

- Machida's soccer team "[Zerubia]" is here ↓ http://zelvia.jp/

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