Thursday, August 5, 2010

Party after a long time?[Fuffuu;]?♪

It went to the party of an old company yesterday.

Only it was after all painful and did not change though it went to the small face massage aiming at it ‥.

Are food [tto] and the party [u;] who is Aoyama after a long time?[Fuffuu;]?It is [fu] . because it the super-likes it that has been wandered about in [**] [no] [**] shop. the one to buy ♪
There was fully the one in the supermarket in [sasugadesuno] and the vicinity without and it was interesting.


[N] though it was a meeting that lives in the United States this time and encloses the person who comes back after a long time of 30 years. New York [kaa;] ‥ Be not good. 。
I want to go again when I am energetic at one time ‥.

! is..New announcement [pa] [chi] of the company is [attarashiinoyo] ! in Ritz Carlton last week so often.
Did you want to go in [n]?
Well ‥ Is not the current work called in a mere former employee in the interior relation?

[Aa;pa] [chi] ‥
It doesn't go ‥ (eyes that see the distance. )

..encounter.. ?However, the furniture industry seems to be also serious recently.
[Muu;]?Where is an energetic industry ‥?

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