Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bowling early morning

Please input sentences that translate into here. Do with hesitancy?Sunday is [dawayo] of bowling early morning, too. Falling ・・ It is 1200 yen in throw [hanadai] of one hour.

It deflects, the [ruga] of [pie;] ..however.. left leg is hurt, and rolling up of a throw alone on the way.


[Aa;]?Such remark [tteruto] of [demosa] ,.
It ..largeness.. collapses like golf.

A hot bowling rally in Saturday of this week does carefully ..painful.. of certain with hesitancy.

[De], a good sweat or after it is, it moves to being go Ginza in the Apple store.

It is a tempura and [demattari] lunch because it is special. [Fuffuu;]?The afternoon was terrible and felt heavy from [chiku] and [yattamonda] in ♪ [iyaa;] and cooling.

It waits occasionally and [demosa] , lunch thought to be good.

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