Monday, August 9, 2010

The dish is a single-bout match.

Please input sentences that translate into here. Dinner [shiyo] how many Japanese syllabary tonight ‥

It was a South Korea night yesterday.
Whether may I improve circulation of the blood because I use sesame oil for sesame, garlic, and the red pepper or not?

I wanted to say for a moment spottily today ‥ It thought why you hated cooking again yesterday.

Making the dumpling : like the ceramic art though is happy ‥ Said the first reason ";The work doesn't remain"; from previous.
Well however, when [noko] is made, it is very [naindayona] in the image because it needs the shelf for terrible amount of display ‥.

I obedient who makes it on the street while seeing something am ";It is not interesting. ";.
The tasting after all always by rule of thumb single-bout match of ..encounter.. , that not is.
Tiny [fu] ..resistance it.. .

Tooled ";There is no pleasure with the thing";.

Do it come to cook when doing very the favor though it always thinks ‥ It is an eternal problem.

Are not you praising it because it became it to cook [maa;koredemo]?
It is Mr. gride in [umu] and the reward.

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