Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eyesight fell.

There was use for a moment and it went to Yokohama yesterday.

What is it?Is even Yokohama going [tanonii;] with great pains?Only use is [kupu] where it has gone to foot back massage thinking.
It is [n] though a neatly cheap point was chosen. a moment..foreign country.[Wo] enjoying.
Goggling it absorbs by strengthening, the back of the foot rolled up is done, and it doesn't come refreshingly.

[Fuffu]?♪ and feelings improve, and, this time, it moves to the optician who uses it.
Then, while putting the lens again
It asked for the measurement because eyesight was not measured for years how many any longer.

Then, how [o;]?!0.7 both of both eyes? [I;] ..1.2 and 1.5 it... Moreover, hyperopia is ..saying.. [waretawayo].
However, [] & [shobo] [n] that is not [-] ‥.

The length at the measurement because it says. Which the vertical line or the horizontal line is clearly seen?" ..doing..Side. It answered.
[N] [moo;]. exist saying neither either ..answer.. nor the same line。

"The bifocals is recommended" [ttesa] . ..[de], and the result it...
When the lens is put on mortifying, it clearly sees it ‥ [Kuu;].
It falls though it was thought that eyesight was good indefinitely ‥.

Neither ..saying.. [-] nor I have worn glasses yet.
Because it looks usual.


Spottily spottily ‥

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