Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conclusion of three years

Thinking [zu] [ttoyarouyarou] ‥ It was likely to have been postponed, and one cleaned thoroughly, and is a cancellation of the rental box as for the veranda.

Do it begin to be said that cancel the rental box and have about three years already passed?

[Iyaa;]?It : the other day just.
The letter came to report whether to borrow because the rental box was moved from the company that borrowed or to cancel a contract.
Well by when did you borrow feeling it because it grew old and it said if there were no these kind of things if usual because the convenience of [muka] long ages ‥?

It is like paying the unnecessary thing money if it thinks.
The one that curettage is not thrown away even if it says also ‥ There is no depository in the house.

In the warehouse in the apartment house, there is the other day lot and it was the 250th or the 250th is feeling of the aging aging.

Well, it is a cleaning of the rental box at the end of this week.
The conclusion of finally three year will attach.
It worries a little about this heat.
[Aa;]?It is ‥.

It is one by one a little good.

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