Monday, August 16, 2010

Rumba at one time ‥

When you wash dogs ‥
[Nattesugoida] . of the wilderness round and round. ..round.. wait on the passage the hair of [powapowa] round and round

3 and four times a day : recently though wipe the floor with [kuikkuru] in water ‥ Still, when time passes for a moment, the hair : round and round round and round ‥.

The filter is well of the air conditioner of the living cleaned yesterday because it is such a situation. It was terrible.

[Dawayo] of it and refrigerator in the under.
Is when the cover of plastic below is removed timidly and seen, it very [o;]?!
This and the dog hair : all ‥ [Iyaa;]?Gooseflesh [mondawayo].
The person who keeps the dog looks at the refrigerator under, and is surely terrible.

Various places were breathed in with the cleaner and rolled up because of [fuu;] ‥.
It is nearby of that and [bibitte] in the sound of the cleaner.
Surgical on..boil..boil..fuss.

[Aa;]?The cleaning robot and the rumba of the yearning ‥ It is rumba at one time ‥.

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