Sunday, August 15, 2010

[Piezou] hair on the chest therapy

Please input sentences that translate into here. [Iyaa;]?Is the face buried under light hair on the chest of the male dog [piezounoii] smell because dogs were washed in the evening and feelings ..doing.. easily?[Fu] -

";It was former friend's F Sawa"; with Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F who wrote ..bowling confrontation.. immediate was said on along Saturday ..the encounter.. .., aspect.. and ";The following are matches with [raundowan] for 24 hours"; ..comment.. entered.
However, I did not think that I slept after all, and ended like that.
Re-stripe tray restart [dawayo] from today of ..doing.. ,.

Though it encounters and it wrote ahead , deflecting and this
Were you improved to the blog by the image of the sponsor advertisement of the spinning garage of Machida's [sakka-chi-muzerubia] and [supi]?[Fuffuu;]?[Cho] ..seeing... ..♪ longhand [noyuru] [-].. ..saying.. advertise it

The blog of the spinning garage is here ↓.

In the room of [kazurin], the entering blog is here ↓ in the comment.

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