Monday, February 7, 2011

Forgotten the puppy training ‥.

[Oo;]?Moreover, the update has slowed.
Especially ‥ food [tto] and today

It met an Italian uncle of the owner of the poodle occasionally met (Japanese) by , ..encounter.. stroll, and "Non Non" was said toward the poodle that played a trick.

It plays a trick after I also mimic, and it returns.
Toward the surgical knife dog Pieta「[Non]. [Non]. 」[Tte] was said.
Then, quieting down [tawayo].

[N]?‥ Is the word very said actually good ‥?

The poodle is [-] [nashonaru] and ..departure.. [sunaa;] that not is.

However, the dog certainly thinks that it understands the word.

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