Monday, February 7, 2011

Then, why ‥.

When "Villain" of TV Asahi sees the said drama
The place that passes in the dog-walking reflects by chance and it inadvertently sees.

When [desa] and it goes walk the dog the other day
There are some neither straw straw nor person always as there is no person at all.

What?It is feeling [desa] ? like taking a picture when passing thinking.
It passed about "Villain" [chira]ing and looking at the car like the location bus the conviction of taking a picture [] [tte] without permission by chance.

Sense to which this "Each other , is waited a little" transmitted to the hand momentarily started passing in front of [de] and staff [ppoioni] [chantachi] is pulled ‥.

It is [-] ..along.. so.
It is a translation that the surgical knife dog Pieta started [murimuri] in front of you.

You ‥ Such presence of others [de].
It seems to be pleasant, and it becomes poor because it does and instinctive ‥"I'm sorry for [su] ," is [fuu;] ..saying.. though going to be moved. 。

Pieta [ttesa] , has guarded APEC before.
It is [pita] ! in policeman [nooni]'s presence. ‥

It is what on earth ‥ [Noka] ! that I want to see. ?

Because it encounters and , male dog [piezou] is not assumed that it is thought by the person it is opposite, it does in the grassy place as hips are always hidden.

↓ ..encounter../..this , "Villain"..

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