Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cobra's pose meant saying when getting irritated on the television.

[Uu;]?‥ is irritation Eliza ‥.

It has a telephone call from mother a little while ago, and when the other day carrying is sent to the repair, it is said that the usual ring tone melody has disappeared and it sets it to "The piano was able to be played" and says.

When it says in sleep [chan] of DoCoMo because [de] and I are contractors and dividing and "It is food [yan], and is [tteiuka], and because it is a tune that starts from the beginning carrying and [otona], it is [shinayo] in the manner mode" says 4400 yen [gado] [-] [noko] [-] to mothers highest because it says, whether it is a communication charge by one whether it is a telephone "[Yada] !" is said [fuu;] ‥.

Aging is and ..‥.. is not said even by this me.

It makes it to [ira] ..[de].. for a moment.
Though it ..telephone.. switched off liking it doing and asking it.

The dress that is piled up the surgical knife dog Pieta sideward of the lavatory a little while ago

Well, it is such a thing and feeling.

Is it that?For the recent Chinese medicine outpatient,
"It was what recently lonesomely" was said to the teacher and one kind of medicine changed.
It seems to be a medicine that "Tranquillizer of the Chinese medicine" is said.

[De], Lonesomely..energetic..pass..irritation.

Well, and drinking [derutteko] such a medicine and ..might only conviction of [desou].. [kedosa] .

Because they are other work relations though are variously, it is ..writing.. [kanaikedosa] ..

[Aa;] ‥
I want to live calmly ‥.

Making to [ira] by goodness : not coming etc.

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