Thursday, February 10, 2011

What did you do in childhood?

Mother who goes walk the dog a little while ago, waits for the signal in the intersection, and took a cod and a weeny child approaches, and mother is speaking something in child's ear.

[De] and the child「[N]?‥ black ‥」There is no [tte] saying.
Apparently, mother seems to have tried to have them say the color of our dogs' hairs in English.

Perhaps, that child : ‥ Do at about the age of three?
[Uu;]?Is not the age of the child understood?As [maa;ii].
[Iyaa;]?Terrible..nowadays..child's schooling.

I, though it doesn't have those days' memories at all ‥
The horizontal bar of a triangular park or it played on the jungle gym in childhood or it will memorize it by spending all one's time at handicraft shop and making something.
It studies and [nakattamonnaa;] ‥.

What is taught if I have the child ‥?

..encounter.. ,
"It is social obligations and human feelings. "
"It is [runoyo] of keeping the chase ! as for man's (woman) romance. "

[Hahahahaha] ‥

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