Saturday, February 12, 2011

I want to go to the world temple with the Ito person ‥.

Though it came back without the book on latest Web in the bookstore browsing, and buying it in the agony ‥ the other day

Do as it is after all?It went thinking [aa;] as it is on Friday and it bought it.
It is [naindakedosa] . in emphasizing like this and the [tte] saying.
It is the B5 edition and 375-page [dawayo].

[Pie;] [runiha]
It failed absolutely by about page 20, it feels like had read, and [fu]" is quietly ..".. ..bookshelf.. [chi] that closes and ends ..saying...

It read up to page 17 beginning to read yesterday now.
..reading.. [mu]. Guess that reads [aa;].
It is [n] though it is slow to advance because it reads while understanding ‥.

Now if it ..encounter.. is said along ..,.. in the bookstore.
A man sideways in his forties comes and [onara] [wobuu;] is lofty [onara] of that ..terrible...

Well, it browses as it is on side and [tetakedosa] ..

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