Thursday, February 24, 2011

It is a homeless cat in Hiroo today a little.

Is it fine and [sunoo;] today?
The temperature in Tokyo is ..going up.. [rurashiiwayo] up to about 19 degrees.
The highest temperature will be physical condition [kuzu] [suyone] [-] [demotte] tomorrow even by eight degrees ‥ It doesn't take care.

Do you go to the sale of the ALFLEX of the furniture manufacturer in Hiroo food [tto] and today?。
It is [hahaha] of cannot purchase though it encounters and , is not bought.

Then, it is [tsukuritaiyona] as for the sofa designed for myself ‥.

[Aa;]?However, when I design
‥ Do you whiff for a moment in the pin corner damaged moreover ..touching.. ..all things.. in case of the unpleasantness, and the sofa?

[Aa;]?Is only thinking easy [suii;]?♪

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