Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peacock of yearning

Friday of last week ‥
The hay fever measures corner of [daikokudoraggu] of Shibuya is seen and [tara].
Runny nose [gatsutsu] [-] is going out very [tawayo].

[Kuu;]?‥ and [rareta] -
‥ Spottily spottily.
Hanging of the nose down that is [-] ..along.. since then.

In ..saying.. [-] and allergic laboratory results
I am not in hay fever cooking by the typical allergic sensitivity in pollen.

Do so often?On Friday night
Programmer's person's having come : at about 23:30 though I also would participate in the party that held [pie;] [runo] meeting concurrently and it drank in Ebisu ‥ It came off on the way when 3 o'clock of the middle of the night and everyone had begun to ask for the yakitori and it returned by taxi.

The programmer
‥ [-] is possible already to stay up all night.. ‥
It will be ape's state of the ornament the next day even with the day.

Moreover, it was felt that it seemed to be serious, seemed to like samba nevertheless, and to have won the championship in the samba carnival pounding on a drum.
"Will you become a peacock by the samba?" : me though was invited ‥ [Iyaa;]?..corbicula.. ,, and it is this body and peacock [hasa] ?. 。

Unpleasantness?‥ It came in the party and it seems to have come not people who were and seeing [-] but ..becoming it.. freely variously when the story was heard.

At this occasion, I thought the Japanese syllabary where it went to experience the hot yoga for a moment.

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