Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pain in runny nose + throat

[Iyaa;] ‥ Now, and it was still painful also this morning and it went to otolaryngology though the medicine was applied, the mask was done, and it slept because the nose drip on Friday continued, too getting a sore throat yesterday.

[Iyaa;]?..departure.. . otolaryngology and [suggoi] [ko]
Well. However, 40-minute waiting is [icho] [choro] [roi] compared with the clinic to which it goes regularly to hospital.

Well after the medicine is goggling applied to [de] and the throat. Smart..painful..cold..think..cod..teacher..cold....

Being likely even to get a sore throat if the allergic sensitivity goes out strongly at a dash : hay fever.

You seem should stop the inflammation because it causes it when thinking sweating by [de], the hot spring or the bedrock bathing ‥.

[Fuu;]?The body feels heavy, and [rubeshi] and pollen ....[uu;].. scaring.. [] ..‥.. ‥.

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