Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jealousy piezou


The aunt who had taken two papillons came from the other side doing the dog-walking and the cod.

Now, and [kunkunwarawarayatte] settled down by [de] and 4 or the male dog of the papillon snuggled to me and the cheek was [peropero]ed.

Horizontal [karapa] [n] when doing. [-] ..along..Now, and is the papillon of [tte] male dog [piezougaso] thrust aside and [peropero] complete [u;] as for my cheek?。

Without ..[de].. being defeated this time when the papillon snuggles again「[Uu;] [wan]. 」It says.
Do not feel after my mama at all. [Tte] feeling?[Hahaha] is ..
[Kawaee;] [yatsuyonoo;].

Whether neither reeling nor what it thinks , actually savvies.

Really?[Piezou] is mama's baby & jealousy ‥.

It encountered, , surgical knife dog Pieta was asked, and it was ignorant ‥ It snuggled to the owner as usual.

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