Sunday, February 20, 2011


[Muu;] male dog [piezou] -
It is four o'clock [dawayo] in the evening. 「[Hau]?[Hau]?」[Tte] starts, and putting out [tarajojo] [ttoyatteta].
[Mo] , is done and it lends it. Every day..continue..soundly..morning..sleep.

It variously enjoyed it so often on the weekend.
From the owner to the return of the dog-walking on Sunday
"Has a full sample of ..coming.. [te] gotten the dog show?"
The [tte] talk is heard, and [] how many. It goes for a walk again though it returned to the house once thinking, and it is a dog show and ..sample.. [ufu] that has been fully gotten.

[Iyaa;]?However, ..running person.. you see ..the appearance and food... lightly in the dog show with the dog
I want also to run in that way with dogs.

Because [de] and the return had returned through the route of a Yokohama international marathon, the person was terrible in the pavement.

And, it moves to Tokyo with golf companion's pan [pa] [chi] in the evening.
There is doing about [gorufubaka] when gathering ‥.
It is [gaarutteiiyone] of [narerumo] in craziness so much.

The person there questions everyone on "What of golf do you like?".
Everyone answers "Play golf" promptly.
Only I answered "Go to the shop that sold golf goods".
..encounter.. ?"Wait in a wide bath after the round" It is and , exists by "Meet the people who can meet everyone after a long time in the competition or are playing golf" ‥.

[Muu;]?"Play golf"
Though the answer that everyone answered promptly doesn't come out ‥ Then, it is good or, is []. ?
[Umuu;]?It takes up golf, and ‥ and the [rutteiu] ..cutting.. target of 100 within one year

It is ‥.

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