Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Touch" was read.

[Iyaa;]?It is surprised to snow [te] this morning.
Does dogs' strolls take a rest today?・・

It is [sabottete] for a long time in recent as for the cleaning of the house.
It was just good because doing is a phlegm ball and there work, too.
[Muu;]?After all, is the cleaning useless if it doesn't do always restlessly?

It was a day of the clinic so often yesterday.
Whether two and a half usual hours until the examination endsBecause it takes four hours
[Pie;] [ruga] "It is good when crying bitterly reading touch at waiting time" was lent.
「Such crying bitterly [ttenee;]?..‥.. ..cartoon.. ?」It exchanged ..[tte].. lightly, it took, and touch was read in the waiting room.

[Iyaa;]?It cried, and the corbicula and the corbicula
A surrounding person : because it did the mask though he or she doesn't think that it noticed.

Feel like Incidently, if there was a live-action version, too touch was, and might have done Minami to doing of whom ‥.

[Te] book was not read reading touch after all though the book on web not read for a long time in recent by the encounter and , deflecting and one respondent was taken ‥ [Koremata] and [baiyabai].

Be not weak when volitional ..[uu;].. as usual. ・・

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