Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magic and CC lemon of greeting


It is "Magic of the greeting. " in CM of ..encounter.. , AC.

The hand is matched to dogs recently and it plays.
Everyone in the company seems also to say what it is ‥ That [fu] , looseness is good.

‥ It is tickled with that head by the dance.

That [popopopo] so often?Illustration of [n]
It seems to be different when thinking Japanese hotchpotch [kunno] Lily Frankie.

[Furuba-shon] was found a little while ago for one minute.
↓ ..encounter and emitting , sound.. this "Magic of greeting"v=EsRm78ZSOgc

Being possible , ..encounter.. to come is ..putting out.. [ruyo] ↓ of the sound. this "CC lemon"

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