Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thank you Yokohama CIAL

Yokohama CIAL ‥ : yesterday.
Food counter leakage ・・ whole building in my loved underground has closed the store.

The half of the enjoyment where it went to Yokohama would be a food counter of CIAL ‥ It said or it were not [kojareta] feeling and you may also exist also [demotteo] profitable feeling in a usual supermarket.

In closing the store at five o'clock of the evening
After all, it has gone around four o'clock though it was not scheduled to go.

Imagination..thing..too much..provide..but..fresh fish..corner..terrible..person..aunt..seasoned cod
It only had to buy the profitable more one ‥.

Well, is it good because it was able to be in CIAL on the last day ‥?

Good-bye CIAL ‥ It loved.

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