Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Small desire

In the shop of Yokohama Lotus today
It went to walk even if dogs also filled a tiny desire named tea [suru] together.

There though it walks about one hour to go ‥ [Muu;]?It was regrettable and, after all, was full.

It went to [gu-tsu] though it was thought that it ..[de].. returned because it was special.

[Iyaa;]?It is possible to speak outside with tea [shite] tub [ronna] [nin], and it is happy and [taa;] ‥.

The especially impressive one came near by the person such as aunts and the mother, and looked back on total of degrees of the hand how many at the end ‥ the person like the mother.

Afterwards, so that three uncles try to approach dogs sitting on the next seat ‥ Two that always snuggles to the person is a shy why.
When I say "Each other Do not give, and I'm sorry by the sweet , one" with a smile, [sonoocchan] though one person ([de] and [occhan]) tears up the Ann doughnut by the hand and "Love []" was done to male dog [piezou]. 「In ..putting.. ,. Does it eat sleep [chan]?」[Ttesa] ‥ It is possible to laugh.

[Iyaa;]?..making fun.. , that was long stroll
It was possible to speak with the color [nna] person, it became happy somehow feelings, and it returned.

Owner not good for a moment who never matches his eyes even if passing each other in dog-walking with me.

It is not a translation the favor, and [ikka] that all all [maa;demo] meets to the person.

It was happy ‥.

The Yokohama Lotus is here ↓.

[Gu-tsu] is ↓ ..here it...

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