Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If it is possible to work, it might be happy of such an advertisement ‥.

In Shibuya station ‥ yesterday

There was a poster that made up backing of [kinkirago-rudo] and put on a Japanese coiffure of the fair hair and golden kimono ....actress's [kinsan] Sugai.. gold-leafed folding screen...

The copy of the advertisement is a word ‥. "Living to have"

[Kuu;] [yarareta] !
It is ..tickle.. [raretawayo] as for the heart.
After all, it has instinctively retrieved on the net though what advertisement it is is not understood and it returned to the house ‥.

Moreover, it does so and it writes in the blog ‥ [Kuu;]?
[Uu;]?As for [hama], I who put it away am successfully mortifying in advertising agency's trap ‥.

The advertising job Now that ..encounter.. means [-] however is to do [suggoi] [raku] when thinking ‥.

Pages where the image is recorded because it is mortifying are not linked.

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