Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rain and the soil smell and I haven't seen you for a long time.

Is it [sunoo;] because of rain today from the morning?・・

Tartar was taken, there was a decayed tooth or it went to a new dentist for the medical examination yesterday.

‥, and the teacher was a sales of what.. quotient [kearu] person, and it has been stopped to go after all when calling to reserve the dentist in Shibuya to which it went ahead.

And, the reservation seems not to accept a new illness moreover fully very much before two months now when it calls the dentist who wanting goes most near the house.

It is easy for the teacher whether feeling the dentist in the town, and to speak though the place in which it went [de] and yesterday was a point where the reputation is good by word of mouth.

[N]?"It is here" quite is ..dentist who says.. ..being found.. [ranaindayona].

The telephone must so often
Dogs injected rabies in the veterinary hospital on Sunday.

From the teacher on Sunday night
" "Very afterwards the [piezouchan] Pieta had the telephone, and there was very a telephone on Monday morning when "It was more obedient for a moment than usual" was said.
It is always ..[nakaa;].. full because of The ripe immature ear ..the worry what it is.. ‥.

It is ‥ [moarushi] of ..suitable.. [wanaitteiu] that there are variously [maa;demo] and teacher, too that suits me.

The encounter, and the telephone is controlled the impression of the company and the shop, and sleeps in [-] though always thinks if it doesn't take care because the face is not seen.

The Kannai [doubutsu] clinic is Mr./Ms. Nakamura while it is here ↓.

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