Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fortune teller face

[Uu;]?‥ The evening before it sleeps
The face was not buried under light hair on the chest of male dog [piezou].
[Uu;] of the feeling not filled though it slept. remainAfter all, it is useless.

Having a long talk is [tta] when greeting it because the aunt who had taken the dog came approaching Now in the park when going encountering and , aspect aspect last day dogs' strolling. [tte] sit down by the aunt
Seeming And, ‥ Does the usual :?It is [ni] listener.

Because it massaged it on the lawn ..sitting..
It was in aunt's breast ..[arinko].. ..[aru]...
It encounters, there is ,, and [nko] [hara] was given.

[N]?‥ Incidently, to the person who is the fortune teller in Omotesando
"You become face [shiteruyo] and a fortune teller who is suitable for the fortune teller" : though has been said.

However, what ..putting out.. ・・ round face is the face suitable for the fortune teller?
Well [iikedosa] .

! ..it is..Isn't "Hair on the chest of fortune-telling + [piezou] of [kazurin]" good?
After I foretell it, the face is buried under the hair on the chest of guest [sangapiezou].

You see [hahahahahaha] of ..saying.. [-]

Is the book on the fortune-telling bought?

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