Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It went to eat the yakitori.

It is rain for a long time today ‥ It is not possible to go dogs' strolling.

So of the the medicine is not taken after all, it is [naa;], and [muu;] ..not good.. though the inside of the thigh is washed every day. [Mumuu;]?・・

It said to the yakitori that it encountered and it is in Shimo-Akatsuka with the people of [gorufusutajiosuburiba] , aspect aspect last day and eating.
It was far from [iyaa;] home ‥.
However, it was cheap as usual, grew old, and it swore it.
It became a full stomach by five yakitoris.

[Muu;]?Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F
Match [surutte] will seem surely to be said by bowling again ‥.

Is [sateto] , this day Aoyama hereafter and [chi] of [pa] of the furniture manufacturer?[Gaarunoda]?[Fuffuu;]?♪ [fuffuu;]?

[Yattaa;]?[Pa] [chi] [pa] [chi] [fuffuu;]?Can you meet nostalgic ♪ people?[Fuffuu;]?♪

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