Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skirt appearance of phantom

Only [pa] easy [chi] of yesterday's furniture manufacturer is []. [Fuffuu;]?♪

First though it was thought that it went alone
The person who was doing work related to the interior of the [gorufusutajiosuburiba] connection because it was special was invited and it went together.

It was able to meet nostalgic people, too.
It was Listener for a long time in the boast recentness in after a long time. feeling it talked about happy catch

! is..[] so often. To the same boy in the previous company
「Have it grown fat?Do it swell so much if it does very?」[Tte] ..saying.. [waretawayo].
Certainly ‥ It is [ri] when it says.

Because pants thought to put.
Very much. Thigh..lonesomely.
Therefore, it is [haitawayo] as for the skirt that hides hips that there is no other way.
Is the skirt shaken for about ten years?No, the duck more.

[Yabai]. [Yabaiwayo] !
It returns, and it is weight [haka], and [panpukurin] of the impact. Moreover, it grew up rapidly.
It has increased from nostalgic people met yesterday by 10kg.

[Desa]?‥ The weight of the Pieta is 10kg that is [-] ..along...
[Aa;] ‥ Such fat attaches to where ‥ [Shobo] [n].

Let's become thin ‥ It becomes thin, and it is [surenda] [-bo] and [i;ninarunda] !. [Fuu;].

It is laser operation [zansu] . in dermatology [de] and today from the morning.
It has canceled, it still exists or in the evening, [fuu;] because it is far for a moment who is the Chinese medicine outpatient afterwards though it was a schedule of the dentist though it apologizes to feel sick. anesthetized ..making fun.. , it・・

Do it anesthetize, and was it painful?
Moreover, it is tired out [dawayo] when ending as strained to what nature.

I want to be slow tomorrow ‥.

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