Thursday, September 23, 2010

It is likely not to tie even if it wants to tie.

[Muu;]?‥ It is an update after a long time.

The one's maternal grandmother actually died on the night of Friday of last week. an instant..pass.

[Muu;]?‥ The left person is [naa;] ..whether it is [tsunaguttekoto].. as for the life.

When grandparents and father who lives together die, such a thing : though was not thought at all ‥ Wax what.

Well though talked after a long time with the relative. Everyone ..hold.. also variously :.

What is it ‥ Confidence is lost and weakening [terundayona] ‥.

Well it is soliloquy for [ji], and writing [chaukedosa] , [fu] . spottily after all though try to be written ..apologizing.. thinking of [itte] because it has already hung it on the person when it is [desa] low-spirited by feeling as bright as possible. think of [ikkatte] it is not possible to write
It is feeling to rest the wing of such pat a small bird that doesn't come.

Do rejoicing however after all and [nihasa] of ..wanting to meet.. relative ..
Additionally, it meets paternal relatives because it was an equinoctial week, and the relative point shutting up.

Moreover, "Have it grown fat?" is ..saying.. [waretawayo].
Spottily spottily ‥
Moreover, [dawayo] with the gesture that rounds the face.

Spottily spottily ‥

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