Sunday, September 26, 2010

When the puppy is seen, the smile is instinctively seen at any time.

Is it [sunoo;] because of rain today from the morning?・・

Getting [e;] [tto]
On the weekend though small bird's wing was going to be rested
The puppy was cleaned by seeing and, after all, rolled up in a pet counter in the do-it-yourself store.

[Saa;] and occasionally lonesomely
It is likely to become irritation Eliza, and it limits it to the cleaning at such time.
It is cleaning [dawayo] when making it to [ira].

Because it encountered and dogs were also good together at the oyster bar also with , at lunch in the terrace seat, it was good.

The souvenir by which everyone in the company went out during summer vacation is brought together and [sateto] , this night is drunk with [chiku] in the office.

●piezou+pietà Roomette of love
●File Exchange and Backup Service KD-Server

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