Monday, April 25, 2011

It lives ‥.

Male dog [piezouha] in evening
Rustling it was put in [kure-to] [pie;] [runi] compulsorily and it moved for a while.

It became perverse for a moment ..what.. when getting up in [de] and the morning and putting it out from [kure-to].
However, safe [kanaa;] now because the holding holding depends too much ‥ It becomes it very.

It often cries especially so often because it watches television recently what.
What can cry even in the drama and news even if it sees.
The funeral has cried times how many another about Sue.
[Muu;] ‥ A point easily moved to tears : from previous though it was.

The meaning to make the mind settle down goes to the aroma yoga today.
There is work, too and it has stopped it though it was thought that the hot yoga also went continuously afterwards.

[Fu] selection.. . of [otona] with hesitancy

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