Thursday, April 21, 2011

The grass is a pretty color.

Because dogs were washed yesterday, the [powapowadeii] perfume?
[Aa;]?Is the face buried under [munimu] and is it healed?。

What?When expecting the desire in the vicinity
A black insect thickly : ‥ [Uu;]?It ..gooseflesh.. passed.
[Rururuu;]?Because the insect is not good, do I :?
Still if it is an insect that doesn't fly though it is good ‥
Curettage..say..head..tune..round and round..friend.

Dogs are joining a sticky leaf to the leg well recently ‥ [Fuu;]?[Desunoo;] in spring.

It is this tune. , sound [deruyo] ↓ encounter

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