Friday, April 8, 2011

Today's wind was terrible. Nobody was strolling in the dog at all.

The [iyaa;] this day is [fuu;] ..going by two places in the hospital...

The earthquake in the evening was also large so often ‥.
It is always surprised for that portable [kyuinkyuintte] warning sound.

The re-do ..excrement excrement.. affray in the rate of ..male dog [piezou].. [ku] about one hour after [desa] and the earthquake and after [suggoi] [mizu] had been drunk, it had put it out thinking [matajojo] [ttoyaruka] before it slept of [te].
However, it doesn't do ‥.
Therefore, though it put in [kure-to]
After that, the affray of the excrement excrement excrement excrement again in about one hour.
It put out thinking it is poor, and, however, it is not done though it was going to disregard as bladder [panpanda] ‥.

Hey when sleep is lowered because it jumped on the bed in [de] and the bedroom, [ri] [n] that comes to surroundings of the head of [pie;] [ru] is [bi] worth ‥.

I was scary due to the earthquake ..[piezou] at that time.. or was ‥ and thought whether [jojo] [ttoshitaidake].

[A;] ..whether do not understand actually at all.. even if it will always think of [piezoutachi].
It only had to embrace coming [yu;] [tto] closely at that time.

Feelings to think of the other party : though man is also so.
It is likely not to transmit, and to pass well ‥.

It is difficult.

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